About me

cropped-1655278_10153576959873722_6846641865378846883_o-1.jpgI am a writer, author, journalist, empty nestor, dog owner, wife, fledgling gardener, cyclist and the lucky resident of both Newton and East Dennis, MA. I worked for many years in local journalism, first as a correspondent for Boston Globe West and, later, as the editor of the Newton TAB. I’m the author of Legendary Locals of Newton, which was published by Arcadia Publishing in 2015. Prior to making the financially ludicrous but personally gratifying decision to become a journalist, I worked in public relations for 13 years.

Since writing and publishing my very first column, I’ve felt that writing commentary and opinion is my calling. Whether I was sharing a story about my toddler’s first experience with death, opining about standardized tests in Massachusetts public schools, or endorsing a new mayor, my words came together at the keyboard in a way I had never articulated aloud. I contribute to the fantastic community blog Village14.com, but I’ve realized I want to say more about, well, whatever I want to say more about.

So here I am. I’ll be honored if you decide to read my words.

Email me at gailspector1 at gmail.



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